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A report on the local situation in Accumoli:

Austrian TV broadcaster ORF Visits the Reconstruction School in Accumoli

October 21, 2020

In the Accumoli Reconstruction School, eight universities and research institutions from five countries work under the leadership of Danube University Krems on the issues relating to the reconstruction of Accumoli. An ORF team (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) accompanied Univ.-Prof. Dipl.Arch.ETH Dr. Christian Hanus, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Art and Architecture at Danube University Krems, to Italy to report on the local situation. 

Broadcast: Help for the Reconstruction School from Lower Austria
ORF 2, „Niederösterreich heute“ from 18.10.2020

Broadcast: Development Aid for Central Italy
ORF 2, „Studio 2“ from 14.10.2020

Broadcast: Reconstruction of Accumuli With Help from Krems vom 19.10.2020

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